H4S 2011-2013

February 2011
David Flint steps down as chairperson after two years in this position. David issues 2009-2010 chairpersons H4S report.

Chris Street, H4S Chairperson 2011
Chris Street voted by H4S (Humanists4Science) committee as chairperson with effect from February 1st 2011.

H4S Committee (at 1st February 2011)

  • Chris Street (chairperson 2011)
  • David Flint (chairperson 2009-2010)
  • Andy Pepperdine (treasurer)
  • Josh Kutchinsky
  • David McKnight
  • Tom Rees
March 2011
  • Chris Street submits proposal to BHA management for 'science' to be included in the BHA Vision & Mission statement. Andrew Copson, BHA Chief Executive, responds.
  • Chris Street & David McKnight attend debate between BHA Distinguished Supporters, Peter Atkins and Stephen Law - who responds to Chris Street question about 'science' in BHA strategy.
April 2011
    • David Flint (H4S chairperson 2009-2010) letter published about 'Morality without God' in New Scientist magazine.
    June 2011
    • Chris Street (Chair, H4S), David McKnight and Josh Kutchinsky (H4S Committee) attend BHA 'Meaning of Life' conference in Manchester. Speakers include Professor Peter Atkins who talked about his book 'On Being: A scientist's exploration of the great questions of existence'.