Monday, 6 December 2010

I'm a Scientist Get Me Out of Here!

I’m a Scientist get me out of here is a science dialogue event where school students talk to real scientists online for two weeks. It’s in the form of an X Factor style competition between scientists, who compete for a prize of £500.

For two weeks students read about the scientists’ work, ask them questions, and engage in live text chats with them. The students vote for the scientist they want to get the money. The scientists with the fewest votes are evicted until only one is left to be crowned the winner. The event is supported (by Wellcome Trust) by carefully developed and tested resources which develop students’ skills and deepen their understanding.

Evolution Zone
Ceri Thomas won £500
in the Evolution Zone of
I'm a Scientist Get Me Out of Here!
Ceri Thomas says 'My favourite thing to do in science is talk to other people about ideas- good ideas, bad ideas, crazy ideas- communication is one of the best ways for scientists to discover new things and challenge their own perceptions about problems. I love learning something new every day and I love pondering the BIG questions in animal evolution: What did our earliest ancestors on earth look like? How and when did animals evolve? Did they like to drink as much tea as I do? More...

Here's my pick of some great questions!

Question!Does evolution proceed toward increasing complexity?

what are your opinoins on how the world began?

Question!Will there be any other substances that arn’t in the periodic table that are here today innit?

Question!did dragon’s ever excist or are they just a myth

Question!why do people become addicted to drugs

Question!Why do animal’s have a shorter life then us ?

Question!how big is space

Question!If extinction is a natural part of life on Earth, why should we care about protecting endangered species?

Question!If evolution is true, then why are there so many gaps in the fossil record? Shouldn’t there be more transitional

Question!do u belive in ghosts and if you do have you ever seen one

Question!According to evolution, the diversity of life is a result of chance occurrence. Doesn’t that make evolution wildly

Question!Will there ever be a cure for cancer and are scientists makiong any progress of dicovering a cure?

Question!People say that we only use 20% of our brain power, do you think it is possible that we could do extraordinary things

Question!is it posible that humans could one day invent eternal life

Question!if smoking is so bad why did they invent it

Question!What do you like about science?

Question!Hello Ceri, Is it possible that some people in the world can see ghosts?! please reply :D

Question!Do you believe in the after life and past life? if so, why?

Question!how does are brain work :)

Question!what are your opinoins on how the world began?

Question!hello i wana ask u a qustion and dat question is that is it true dat humans evolved from monkeys

Question!Why was Darwin’s idea considered dangerous?

Question!Why did the ancient peoples who immigrated from Africa develop white skin?

Question!can gravity be produced at any planet ? or can gravity be produced on any specific object?

Question!Is there a relation between worms and humans? If yes, what is it? :)

Question!Although our bodies don’t use the appendix, what do you think it was needed for before?

Question!im not very good at science would you advise me to be a scientist

Question!if you werent a scientist what would you be?

Question!why dont black holes suck in the INTIRE universe, and what would happen if they did?
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What a great way to get kids interested in science!!

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