Tuesday, 19 April 2011

BHA Strategy - Vision, Mission, Values and Aims.

The BHA Strategy (2010) comprises the Vision, Mission, Values and Aims (accessed: 20th April 2011) - 

 "We want a world where everyone lives cooperatively on the basis of shared human values and respect for human rights. We want non-religious people to be confident in living ethical and fulfilling lives on the basis of reason and humanity."

"We promote Humanism, represent the non-religious, and support those who wish to live humanist lives, including through the provision of humanist ceremonies.

We campaign for a secular state, challenge religious privilege, and promote equal treatment in law and policy of everyone regardless of religion or belief.

We offer a humanist perspective in public debate, drawing on contemporary humanist thought and the worldwide humanist tradition."

In all our work, we strive to embody our values by:
  • engaging in debate rationally, intelligently and with attention to evidence 
  • recognising the dignity of individuals and treating them with fairness and respect 
  • respecting and promoting freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law; 
  • being cooperative, working with others of different beliefs for the common good; 
  • celebrating human achievement, progress and potential.
Our Aims - We aim to achieve a situation where:

Humanism is understood as an ethical and fulfilling non-religious lifestance involving a naturalistic view of the universe.

Using all suitable means, including events, courses, publications, online resources, teaching materials and speakers for schools and colleges, the press, broadcast, online and social media, we will maintain an extensive promotional and educational programme to extend and deepen public understanding of Humanism.

People with humanist beliefs and values are supported in identifying themselves as humanists and in expressing those beliefs and values in their lives.

We will articulate Humanism and humanist views in a way that helps people with a humanist outlook identify themselves as humanists, provide opportunities for humanists to develop their own thinking individually and in community with fellow humanists, and strive to establish contact with all who share our values. We will maintain a network of celebrants to enable non-religious people to mark or celebrate significant moments in life and we will consider providing other forms of support for humanists, especially in situations where religious people have support not accessible to humanists.

Public debate and policy are shaped by humanist perspectives.

By recruiting high profile advocates, publishing research and articulating humanist views ourselves, we will promote humanist views on public ethical issues. We will focus on those issues that are either important to humanists in particular or have high social importance, especially where others are actively promoting views opposed to humanist values or the humanist voice is excluded or weak. We will encourage all our members and supporters to increase their engagement with public affairs, working with us and in cooperation with others.

The UK is a secular state guaranteeing human rights, with no privilege or discrimination on grounds of religion or belief.

We will work to enhance the public understanding and appreciation of secularism. We will identify and publicise key instances where people are unfairly privileged or discriminated against because of their religion or belief or where principles of human rights or equality are compromised. We will engage in effective advocacy to influence public opinion, government policy, legislation, and case law and in order to resolve these situations.

We are an expanding, financially healthy and sustainable organisation with high standards of governance and management.

We will build an engaged constituency of the non-religious to create sustainable growth founded on a regular programme of activities and campaigns in which our supporters and members participate as donors, volunteers, celebrants or campaigners to help achieve our objectives. As many of these activities as possible will be financially self-sufficient. We will regularly review all our people’s skills, our organisational structure and our procedures to maintain high standards and ensure they fit the requirements of our current and planned activities.

We are respected as an organization for our expertise and professionalism and recognized as the national voice of Humanism and a leading national voice for the non-religious and for secularism.

We will maintain good relationships with all our stakeholders and audiences and work in coalitions with others whenever possible. We will maintain a responsive and proactive communications function, based on a clear communications strategy and using the most appropriate media. We will aspire always to work to the highest standards and in accordance with our values, to respond seriously to any criticism, and to keep ourselves under critical review to ensure that our high reputation is maintained and improved.

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