Tuesday, 8 May 2012

How fear and anxiety leads to more religion - a presentation by Tom Rees of Humanists4Science

On Saturday 14th April 2012 Dr. Tom Rees gave a presentation in Bournemouth to Dorset Humanists, on the topic 'Fear and God'. Tom is a committee member of Humanists4Science and lives near Brighton.

In the talk Tom reviewed many of the studies he has covered on his blog Epiphenom, looking at how and why fear and anxiety provoke religious responses, and the link between unstable and dangerous societies with greater levels of religion. He also looked at some of the consequences of the anxiolytic effects of religion on behaviour.

The talk was aimed at a general, non-scientific audience (although it does cover a lot of science), so if you're looking for an easy to digest introduction to this topic, then you might find this interesting! The talk itself runs for 50 minutes, with another 20 minutes of questions at the end.

Contact Humanists4Science or Tom directly if you'd like Tom to talk to your Humanist or similar Group.

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